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    Aston versus Bentley !

    As much as I love my DB9 Volante, I recognise that, as a family man, it has some shortcomings. My wife and I are both tall, as is our sixteen year old daughter. Our annual family run down to the South of France or Tuscany becomes ever more uncomfortable squeezed into the Astons seating space, let alone cramming the girls luggage into the boot. Spring of last year we started considering a Bentley Continental drophead. No deal was struck because I resented handing over the Aston AND a colossal amount of money to get a Bentley. This Spring, what with my daughter being even taller, plus I've had a good year financially, the swap seemed even more plausible.......and necessary ! So what is the fly in the ointment that has screwed it up BIGTIME ?

    Bentley dealers just don't want Aston Martins ! How does one account for that ? Apart from a tad more legroom and boot space in the Bentley ( which are the two things I want one for, of course ! ) , they are essentially the same car. OK, the Bentley is faster, but they are both Grand Tourers, motorway cruisers, Gentlemens carriages etc. or whatever else one can bloody well call them. Of course, having had five previous Astons ( or four if one doesn't include my Lagonda ), I am inevitably biased in favour of Astons.........why aren't more people who decide to buy a Bentley instead !?

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    Maybe your Bentley dealer is simply being a snob.....hope you get it sorted.

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    Having owned a Bentley previously i am now going over to an Aston Martin DB7 vantage volante 2004 model. I hope to collect her this Friday from the dealer.

    Bentley's are awesome cars to own and drive and i loved mine for the 3 wonderful years i had her. They are only expensive to own and run if you allow the main agent dealers to ripp you off.

    I used a well known specialist in the UK to service and maintain my Bentley at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer and i can honestly say i got a much better service from him as he had all the latest equipment to hand as expected for a 30 years experienced technician of this marque.

    He also has clients in the USA who fly him over to their homes to service their Bentley's and Rolls Royce's every other year.

    I would recommend you try looking at the 4 door saloon version of the Bentley as these ofer alot more space and they are still the same power outputs too as the Gt's.

    Its all down to personal preference and budget with these sort of cars but i FULLY recommend you buy and try one out as you wont look back or regret it.

    Main agents are only ever interested in taking your money off you and giving rock bottom prices for your trade in car against one of theirs on offer be it new or used.

    Regards, v12 volante man

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    So I am Bentley continental owner for the past 6 years it's been an amazing reliable car to own. Seriously considering trading in my 2007 for a 2010 Rapide....I use my car every day, love driving a lot of miles and need to pick up two teenagers.....will I get a shock from a reliability side.....also a Lotus espirit owner that doesn't get driven that often and ever time I turn the engine on some light comes on.....does german ownership beat driving experience and brand cache?

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    I love them both but Aston Martin all the way plus they're more fun.

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